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Whether you are moving, liquidating your estate, downsizing, or looking to cash in on a property investment, Exclusive Gavel is the top provider of auction, estate sale, and appraisal services in South Florida. Exclusive Gavel is run by Stacey A. Giulianti, Esq., who holds the dual distinction of being both a licensed attorney and licensed auctioneer. Mr. Giulianti is a member of the Florida Bar and has been involved in the auction and antique field for more than 20 years. Those years of experience and an exclusive association with a 100-year-old auction house help secure top value for your belongings. We possess the knowledge and experience to effectively handle the purchase and sale of all types of property, jewelry, antiques, art, and collectibles throughout South Florida. We hold auctions at various locations in Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, and Miami.

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If you’re seeking an auctioneer in South Florida, Exclusive Gavel, headed by Stacey A. Giulianti, Esq., has the experience and advanced expertise that ensure the best realization of value for clients. Mr. Giulianti has been involved in the auction field for 20 years as an attorney and adviser for auction houses, auctioneers, trustees, personal representatives, art dealers, collectors, brokers, importers, and galleries. A member of the Florida Auctioneers Association and the National Auctioneers Association, Mr. Giulianti provides white glove, professional service. Exclusive Gavel is associated with a 100-year-old South Florida auction house and conducts auctions both live and via the Internet—usually simultaneously. For more information, call toll-free 1.888.989.GAVEL (4283).


Our Best Selling Items

Fine Art

When selling pieces of fine art at auction in the Miami area, whether they are paintings, pieces of sculpture, vases, porcelain pieces, photographs, or works of decorative art, it is important to have a working knowledge of the art market, as well as a keen aesthetic appreciation for art. Mr. Giulianti remains abreast of the ever-changing currents of the art market and is well-equipped to make judgments about the period, medium, subject matter, and rarity of the art. Because he is well known and respected among art collectors, when you employ the services of Mr. Giulianti to sell your fine art, you immediately have a significant pool of potential buyers.


If you are considering selling your jewelry, it can be difficult to be objective about its monetary value. After all, jewelry typically has a great deal of sentimental value for its owner. In addition, the value of jewelry can vary widely depending upon the current market, fashion trends of the moment, and even who owned the piece before. Exclusive Gavel knows the Fort Lauderdale auction climate exceedingly well and can accurately value your fine jewelry to command the best price available.

Collectibles & Memorabilia

The market for collectibles is extremely varied; not only is it dependent upon the type and rarity of collectibles, it also depends upon individual personal tastes. That is why it’s important to hire auctioneers that are well entrenched in this fluctuating market. Because we have been in the business of antique auctions in the Fort Lauderdale area for more than 20 years, we have a thorough understanding of the long-term economic values. Plus, our reputation and reliability among collectors automatically gives your memorabilia a higher value.

Antiques & Period Furniture

Selling antiques can be one of the most challenging areas for appraisers and auctioneers. Without detailed knowledge, it can be difficult to discern truly valuable items from things that are simply old. Fortunately, Mr. Giulianti has depth of experience in this area and is able to make accurate assessment of value and get the best prices for his customers. Whether you are considering selling one piece or a whole collection in the context of a Boca Raton auction, Mr. Giulianti can value your pieces based on condition, previous repairs, marks, rarity, demand, and the current market.


Everyone knows that our monetary system is based on gold, but that doesn’t mean that gold always has the same value – after all, we are always dealing with inflation. At Exclusive Gavel, we are well aware of the current market price for gold and can advise you on the best time to sell it. In addition, some forms of gold may be more valuable than others. For example, a fine gold bracelet could be more valuable than gold that has been melted down. If you are considering selling your gold at auction in the Fort Lauderdale area, let Exclusive Gavel help you find the best time, the best price, and the best buyer.

Oriental Rugs

Much like other antiques and pieces of artwork, the value of Oriental rugs varies widely. First, the price will reflect current decorative trends. Secondly, the value will be determined by age, origin, condition, and past repairs. With his extraordinary passion for art and antiques, Mr. Giulianti is very qualified to appraise your rug and get you the best rate in today’s auctions in Miami.


Whether you are selling your own set of silverware or a set you recently inherited, trust Exclusive Gavel to help you make the best sale possible. Silverware is not made as widely as it once was, and because it is usually only plated in silver, its worth is based on the age, rarity, and desirability of the pattern. In essence, finding the right value for a set of silverware is like appraising any other form of antique, a service Mr. Giulianti is highly qualified to provide.


The value of a piano can vary widely, depending upon several factors. First, there is the external appearance of the piano, and the price will also be influenced by the condition, age, and distinguishing decorative touches. Second, there is the musical quality of the instrument, including the richness of tone, the maker, and whether age has affected its sound. At Exclusive Gavel, we are able to accurately assess and value these factors to ensure that you get the best price for your instrument at a Boca Raton auction.

Tribal Art

Tribal art sales also require an in-depth knowledge of styles, periods, and places of origin. However, not every art appraiser and auctioneer has the necessary experience to deal with tribal art. As a member of the Institute for Maya Studies and the Society for American Archeology, and as the Gallery Specialist for a local art museum, Mr. Giulianti is a highly qualified source in South Florida when it comes to auction and sales of tribal art. Whether you are selling pre-Colombian art, African masks, Plains Indian beadwork, Inuit ivory, or any other type of tribal art, a Fort Lauderdale auction with Exclusive Gavel is sure to get you the best price for your pieces.