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If You’ve Decided to Sell Your Antiques, Exclusive Gavel is the Place to Start and to Finish


Buying and selling antiques is nothing if not thorny. It’s difficult to really know the true worth of an antique item without the discernment of a trusted expert to provide a qualified evaluation. If you’ve decided to sell a single antique or your entire antique collection, Exclusive Gavel and Mr. Stacey Giulianti, Esq., provide mastery in the valuation and auction of antiques. Mr. Giulianti remains current with regard to ever-changing market developments and provides professional, personalized service from initial consultation to final sale.

When selling antiques at auction, there are risks involved if you don’t have proper guidance. To ensure the most lucrative deal, choose Exclusive Gavel. Exclusive Gavel will make the selling process as uncomplicated as possible for you while getting the best deal possible.

Valuing Antiques is Far More Complicated than Referencing a Price Guide; You Need the Discernment of a Professional

Antiques have value for different reasons. There is sentimental value, of course; value that results from demand in the marketplace; as well as value due to the materials that the piece is made from. The following conditions are what we take into account when determining value:


If your antique is stamped with a manufacturer’s mark, it will be worth more than a like piece that does not have a mark. An artist’s signature brings more value, as well.


Chips, wear and tear, stains, and missing parts will affect the value of your antique. There are graduations in this value impact, from mint condition, like new, minimal damage, and poor condition.

Common or Rare:

Extremely rare antiques may be worth a great deal even with some damage. The more common a piece, the less valuable it is.

Age vs. Value:

Age alone doesn’t dictate the value of an antique. Demand and availability play a large part in the item’s ultimate value.

Restoration and Repairs:

While professional restoration may increase value, amateur efforts can have the opposite result. Minor repairs may not have significant positive or negative effect.

Salvage Value:

If a piece has sustained too much damage to command the prices you want, a dealer may be interested in purchasing the item if he thinks he can repair it or perhaps use some of its parts to repair other pieces. All isn’t necessarily lost—there may still be value in ways that you hadn’t anticipated.

Current Market Influences:

Prices for antiques can fluctuate greatly, so if you have a piece evaluated and aren’t happy with its current value, waiting may make a significant difference, though it’s difficult to predict whether the price will shift in your favor or diminish in value.

Exclusive Gavel Will Place Your Antique in Front of the Right Audience

With Mr. Giulianti and Exclusive Gavel, you can rest assured that you will receive the most up-to-date information, top-level service, and the extensive knowledge needed to ensure that the value of your antiques will be appropriately realized. With an expansive network of colleagues, specialists, and experts, and a broad base of buyers, you can count on your items receiving the utmost in exposure.

For Assistance Selling Your Antiques, Exclusive Gavel Provides Advanced Knowledge and Personal Service

If you’re seeking an auctioneer for your antiques, Exclusive Gavel, headed by Stacey A. Giulianti, Esq., has the experience and advanced expertise that ensures the best realization of value for clients. Mr. Giulianti has been involved in the auction field for 20 years as an attorney and adviser for auction houses, auctioneers, trustees, personal representatives, art dealers, collectors, brokers, importers, and galleries. A member of the Florida Auctioneers Association and the National Auctioneers Association, Mr. Giulianti provides white glove, professional service. Exclusive Gavel is associated with a 100-year-old South Florida auction house and conducts auctions both live and via the Internet—usually simultaneously. For more information, call (207) 318-4630 or fill out the form below: