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Appraisals & Valuations

A Qualified Valuation is the First Step to Profitable Disbursement of Your Items

gold-sliderWhen you are considering selling part, or all, of your collection or estate, it’s crucial to know what the fair market value is for your jewelry, antiques, fine art, and other items. Exclusive Gavel provides consultation and valuation services when you are considering selling your fine art or antiques, disposing of an estate, divorce liquidation, or selling excess property.

Exclusive Gavel will begin with a consultation to determine what you wish to accomplish with the sale of your items, and then we tailor our services in a way that provides the utmost assistance to you from the beginning of the valuation process until the sale is final. We put our experience, expertise, and network of connections to work to ensure that you get the best deal, and getting the best deal begins with a precise valuation.

Exclusive Gavel Specializes in Fine Art, Antiques, Jewelry, Sports Memorabilia, and Other Rare Items

Mr. Stacey Giulianti, Esq., has extensive experience buying, selling, and appraising fine art, antiques, and other rare collectibles and is highly qualified to handle the valuation of high-value items, whether for a single work or an entire estate. When you are considering the sale of your items, Mr. Giulianti brings a professional, insider perspective on the market which has been culled from years of personal and professional experience in the auction field.  The Exclusive Gavel team specializes in fine art, painting, sculpture, antiques, jewelry, sports memorabilia, and many other categories of fine and rare collectibles, and we can also assist clients who wish to acquire specific pieces.

About Appraisals and Valuations

When you seek an appraisal, there are two types of evaluation: one represents the fair market value, which is what we believe that you can earn through auction; and the second represents insurance value, which is what we believe it would cost to replace the item being appraised. A valuation, which is not a formal appraisal, provides a detailed description and current value of a piece. Appraisals and valuations involve not only our own estimation of value, but also a comparative analysis of your piece with recently sold items that are similar to yours. Bear in mind that neither an appraisal nor a valuation represents an exact value; rather, consider it a highly qualified estimate.vases

When you are preparing for divorce liquidation, estate liquidation, death/probate sale, moving sale, or any other type of property disbursement, the scope and depth of knowledge provided by the Exclusive Gavel team with most every type of art and antique, as well as other fine and rare items, provides an accurate determination of value to assist you in your planning.

Contact Exclusive Gavel for a Qualified Valuation of Property You May Wish to Sell

If you’re seeking an appraisal or valuation of your personal property, Exclusive Gavel, headed by Stacey A. Giulianti, Esq., has the experience and advanced expertise that ensures the best realization of value for clients. Mr. Giulianti has been involved in the auction field for 20 years as an attorney and adviser for auction houses, auctioneers, trustees, personal representatives, art dealers, collectors, brokers, importers, and galleries. A member of the Florida Auctioneers Association and the National Auctioneers Association, Mr. Giulianti provides white glove, professional service. Exclusive Gavel is associated with a 100-year-old South Florida auction house and conducts auctions both live and via the Internet—usually simultaneously.

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