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Selling Your Own Jewelry Can Be Difficult: Exclusive Gavel Can Make the Process Easy and Lucrative

estate-jeweleryBuying jewelry is usually a relatively effortless endeavor. There are countless options available in terms of merchandise, as well as a number of different avenues for purchasing. If you wish to sell your jewelry, however, it can be difficult if you attempt to go it alone. Whether you’re thinking of parting with a brooch handed down from your great-grandmother or perhaps you’re considering selling your jewelry from a previous marriage, the Exclusive Gavel team excels at helping sellers find the right buyers for jewelry.

Fair Market Value of Your Jewelry

People are typically not objective about assigning a realistic value to their jewelry, so it’s important to have a trusted professional provide thorough evaluation before you make the decision to sell. No matter how much a piece is worth monetarily, the market price is limited to what a buyer is willing to pay. Unlike auto prices that can be based on Blue Book values, the market value of a piece of jewelry may be influenced by several factors, including fashion trends, provenance, or even the piece’s previous owner. It isn’t unusual to see a piece of jewelry that would typically command a significant amount of money fail to sell due to current styles or the market in which it is being offered.

Exclusive Gavel takes all of these considerations into account when estimating the value of your jewelry and when positioning it for auction. If we are approached with an item that isn’t particularly well suited for the type of sale we have to offer, Exclusive Gavel will refer the seller to a different auction house or dealer—whichever choice best suits the buyer or seller. We want to evaluate whether we can provide the best service for your needs, and we want to ensure that your piece is dealt with appropriately. Like you, we want your piece to be sold successfully.

Contact Exclusive Gavel to Evaluate the Best Manner of Placing Your Jewelry for Sale

If you’re considering selling pieces from your jewelry collection, Exclusive Gavel, headed by Stacey A. Giulianti, Esq., has the experience and advanced expertise that ensures the best realization of value for clients. Mr. Giulianti has been involved in the auction field for 20 years as an attorney and adviser for auction houses, auctioneers, trustees, personal representatives, art dealers, collectors, brokers, importers, and galleries. A member of the Florida Auctioneers Association and the National Auctioneers Association, Mr. Giulianti provides white glove, professional service. Exclusive Gavel is associated with a 100-year-old South Florida auction house and conducts auctions both live and via the Internet—usually simultaneously. For more information, call (207) 318-4630 or fill out the form below: